DC-10 Monday 8th Sep


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Hi Guys

2 questions -

1. Assuming it's on, how much are tickets? (Do you actually get tickets or pay at door for this one?)

2. I'm flying back at 21.55 that night. I'm staying in San Antonio so I don't want to go all the way to DC-10, bop around for a bit then go back to get my bag and have to go all the way back to the airport.
I've seen this question asked a few times but no definitive answer - is there anywhere near DC-10 to leave your bags for max 4 hrs?
not sure if the airport itself has some kind of left luggage facility. don't think so to be honest.

i'd offer to look after your bag for you as i live a very short drive away from dc10 but you don't know me from adam do you!!
I would say no there is nowhere to put your bag , its gona be super packed , potentially could be last ever circoloco there
is the only way to get tickets on the door?

I got tickets from Zoo in Ibiza port. Not sure if they are doing them this year.
I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem paying on the door if you get there early.
If it is to be the last DC10, I fancy it will be busier than usual.
How much are the drinks in DC10? Is there anywhere to get tickets or is it just pay on the door?

Only been to Ibiza once before and didn't go to DC10, thinking of going before cocoon on Monsay. The only thing is, I'm staying in San Antonio, how much are taxis between San An/DC10 DC10/Amnesia? Am I best heading back for a bit (shower, drink etc) between DC10 and Cocoon?

SO amny questions I know but don't want to miss out on anything!
I'll be in Ibiza for the 8th,

What's best to do for tickets to this night?, can you buy before, do you need to etc?