DC-10 is back (re-opening party review, august 15)


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it's been a wild last week for both the media and dc-10 as a club itself. after having complied with their two-months closure, the next penalty for dc-10 and closure of the club was announced just a few days ago...

so this afternoon, at around 4:30pm, i was really asking myself if the bass is thundering out of the speakers in that house on the fields around the airport...many people on the island weren't sure if dc-10 would be able to open or not. i was still busy, but when i finally made my way there some time after 6pm, i noticed that YES, there is something going on at dc-10!!! the club was open! and busy! went directly inside, on to the terrace...and aaaah...sunlight through the windows...rené dropping mad music...smiling faces all around...only at that point i realised how much i had missed this place during the last weeks! as you all know, it wasn't the first time dc-10 was closed, so in a way it wasn't new for me. but being back there was just GREAT! the terrace was already really busy while the inside bit was still quiet.

i had to leave again and only came back at around 11pm, when josé de divina had taken over from tania vulcano. this time, both floors were really busy and the party was going massively - basically just how i remember dc-10 from the last few years. josé de divina's set was absolutely great (oh yes, i do go for the music when i go to dc10) and he played on the terrace till it closed short after 1am. the inside stayed open until about 3am.




some more info about the re-opening party...tix were either 35€ or 40€, i'm not exactly sure. they gave out stamps as always so you could leave and come back.

i think this friday's party was the warm-up to next monday's circoloco re-opening party. this one will be huge i'm sure. the thing is, i think right now no-one knows how long the place is gonna stay open. can they stay open for the rest of the season? is dc-10 just open for a few weeks again until it gets shut again? we'll find out soon. one thing is for sure though, i've never heard so many voices saying "enjoy it while it's still here"
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.... missed it. So I guess for the future a very good reason to come back... ;-) Hopefully, you guys are rockin' it for all the ones left at home ;-)