daytime events 2019


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Not seen this posted yet but maybe looking in the wrong threads...

Jose Padilla back at HLT and OD next week for a collab "Balearic Resistance."

Description on the FB event sounds great, albeit quite ironic given the splashiness of the venues. Pasting a bit of it below:

"What is Balearic Resistance?
Price : Free
Vol 1.15th September OD Ocean Drive Ibiza
Vol 2.17th September Hostal La Torre San Antonio

P:D Please keep your phone in your pocket
VHS ok"


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Hoping for something to be announced for the 2nd of Oct at somewhere like Pikes or Underground

Only thing half appealing at the min is we love at zoo


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Do Da Trinxa have a Winter closing ? I remember they were open in late October. No beach beds were there. Cannot remember , maybe was at the weekend
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Mambo Brothers on DDI:

Cerramos el 12 de octubre, con nuestros dj residentes: Jason Bye, Ryan Mcdermott, Danny O, Fabiano Pax, Erik Hagleton y un invitado especial


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Dear dancers ... After last week kOD part 2 ‘s cancelation at pikes , we would like to invite you for one last summer dance ... To make it up for you this is a FREE EVENT x the island people ..