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Here's something i was gonna put up for rustywoo a while back when he was talkin about the well respected david holmes but i only got hold of it recently.
This happened when holmes was djing at the limelight in belfast a while ago & someone asked for a request... might make you think next time you wanna ask the dj to put cheeky girls on for you ;) :D

I've seen him a few times in belfast when I used to live there! Pretty decent dj but a scruffy get. He is doing movies he's done a few my fave was Out of Sight (J Lopez and Clooney), class film even better soundtrack!
his soundtrack for oceans eleven was very impressive!!

can you see the pic of him at the top?? can you spot the bottle of buckfast in yer mans hand, classy fella ;)
It does look like a bottle of bucky surely the limelight hasnt sunk so low?? Oceans 11 was good but out of sight is top drawer apart from all the annoying dialogue bits!
bucfast tastes like the cough medicine my big sis used 2 force feedme for badness when i was younger!havnseenout of sight but got a feelinyou 2 scoundrelsdont like it 4 the good directing.... ;)
I'm hurt!!

I obviously like it for the artistic vision of the director and J Lo looks v tasty (I'm not that big a fan normally) :D