Dave Seaman?


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does anyone know if dave seaman is going to be in ibiza at all this year? i'm still kicking myself in the ass for missing his night last year.
I imagine he will be there in some way!

I missed his night too but was in Savannahs and suddenly noticed him playing! Amazing just after sunset set, really electronic and chilled. A lot of the bar staff were saying it was the best set they'd heard there all summer :D
he is, in my opinion, one of the most underated djs.....saw him last year in miami at the wmc and he was unreal, hes never in new york, so i promised myself not to miss him in ibiza again....it doesnt look like he is having that 4:4 night at el divino again. that would be perfect for me, as the only other thing going on monday is sanchez, who i can see frequently at home.
ya...i agree....one of the most underrated DJs....i went to his show last yr in El Divino....he was amazing....there werent many people there which made it that much more fun cuz i didnt have to worry about people bumping into me...i met a friend there who said he was going to leave to go see the S man at pacha but ended up stayin the rest of the night cuz he couldnt believe how good seaman was

-the bloke