Dave Seaman Review


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My review of my Dave Seaman night:

The night began kind of rough....as my friends and I were meeting at this bar for 10:00 pm...Needless to say I get to the bar at 10:05 (fashionably late) and the bar has closed down and there are no signs of my friends :?:. So I end up walking back to my car to get my phone to call my friend Andrea, who I don't normally go out with and to my surprise (not really) the number I have for her is incorrect and I get someone else...So I'm sitting in my car thinking I have approx. an hour to kill before my other friend shows up and I feel kind of weird sitting in my car in a dark parking lot, all by myself :rolleyes: ...So I decide to try some other friends to see if they have Andrea's number and of course, being Friday nite nobody picks up their phone :?: ....So I decide to have a smoke and weigh my options...But as I'm having my smoke I look out the window and Andrea and John (her boyfriend) are walking on the sidewalk and I call out to her and she walks over to my car and in the end everything worked out....
At 11:00 we get to the club to meet the others and once again this club's VIP line-up measures 20 times longer than the non-existent regular line-up :?: ....As I was the one who had the 'in' to this club I was peeved at the fact the bouncer wanted us to wait at the end of this 'supposed' VIP line-up as it had started raining....low and behold my buddy (greek mafia) sees me and we chit chat and he gives me the passes and tells me to walk through the doors, yeah!!!! :D ...This was very nice of him, and I'm going to send him a thank-you DVD's today....(that's how it works, you take care of people and they take care of you, it's sad but true) ;) ....Since this was my first official time to this club (been to see it before it had opened)...We took a quick look around and I can assure you it is not a typical after hours club...but of course we don't care as we're their for Seaman...Seaman came on around 1:00 and played until 4:35...He was playing some really good house and threw in many remixes from the Eurythmics to Madonna to Depeche Mode. It was fun and entertaining.
The crowd was not the usual 'after hours' crowd, they gave off no energy and were not truly there for Seaman....Seaman however kept the energy going and he kept teasing the crowd and by 3:00 pm most of the non-fans had left leaving only the die-hards....
All in all a very fun night....can't wait to go to Montreal on the 4th for Sander K.... :D :D :D :D