Dave Pearce is the best!!



WOW....did anyone else just have THE best time at eden on friday night for Dave Pearce Euphoria??? It was the last night of my holiday and i had such a great time......was well knackered by 5.30 but then the foam party started, the choons just kept on coming even when dave had finished playing and before i knew it it was 7am...i want to be back there now :-( made some really cool mates whilst i was in there too and there was no attitude like some clubs which as a nice change. best get saving those pennies if i'm gonna get back for the closing parties! :lol:

Dave you are a god!!!

The words 'Dave Pearce' and 'best' should never appear in the same sentence, its a contradiction in terms.

I remember Dave in his Radio London days, where 'allegedly' he employed someone to do his mixing whilst he just talked.

Some things never change.
New Years eve just gone, we were in brighton and went to the Pussycat club (really good, trancey choons, fun crowd, proper party) anyway.......one of the dj's (whose name escapes me) works on 'dangerous' daves' show. His job is bascally to mix whilst 'phat' dave babbles on.

Saying that, i'd bet that if i ever went to Euphoria, i would have alot of fun. And fun is good.

When I was a bit younger we often used to wonder what it would cost to get daves 'mixer' to go home during his set.

the pot got up to £700 one night

He would just have to walk away or fade out and have a competition between each record
spot on rusty :)

fun is what it's all about! nothing more nothing less - you others can go and 'be educated' somewhere else. i'd just rather have fun

one of my best mates (actually over here now) swears by euphoria - the only night he guarantees to go to. he is also coming with me tonight to sander k's everybody - gotta love that flexibility (actually he doesn't know who is playing yet ;-)))
have been to Ibiza twice and both times have gone along to Euphoria, both times were unplanned and I had to go on my own (2001 - my mate ate a dodgy sausage and was ill for 2 days :confused: and 2002, the same lad, got sunburnt and missed a day and night) So I went to Euphoria, no he aint the best DJ around, but the tunes were banging and had a good laugh going on my own and meeting loadsa people. Would go again.