Jeff Mills

20 July - We Love Sundays @ Space
17 August - We Love Sundays @ Space

Danny Howells

9 Aug - Def Mix @ Pacha
11 Aug - Circo Loco @ DC10
17 Aug - We Love Sundays @ Space

Danny Rampling

1 July - Moneypennys @ El Divino
12 July - Def Mix @ Pacha
31 July - Ministry @ Pacha
touting for a research job on Ibiza Spotlight :D

also JAMES ZABIELA - plays sunday @ space 27 July and 3rd August
well i'm just really researching for my 2 weeks this year but if any one wants to pay me full time all year to do this - give me a call :lol:
Nooooo i miss Jeff Mills

does anyone know if there is a chance he will be playing any other dates anywhere where else...

..only im there aug23 for two week
Unbelievable!!! Jeff Mills again this year, saw him last year in Space and he just happens to be there when I'm there again this year
so is sundays @ space playing more techno this year?? I really hope so, I just thought it was only funky house on the terrace
think i'm right in saying its

Terrace - funky/tribal/us house

inside - prog house/techno

as a rough guide that is
Heard Danny R. last year @ Stereo on Friday in Amnesia...Was a bit disappointed, mixing was spot on but the music just wasn't interesting. It was your average vocal house, hardly anybody was into it

CJ MAckintosh came at about 4:30 and rocked it funky style, considerably better than Rampling, even though he's a legend. I guess I wasn't the only one disappointed with the party -- it is no more