dark forest tickets..


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hello , we arrive un ibiza the 2 august and for our first clubbing night we would like to go to pacha the 3 for the dark forest shm , and j would like to be sure , if we take tickets online we are on a guestlist and we don t have queu?
J would like to know if for this party and over , are there posibility to find tickets for less 30 euros? and free tickets when we meet people who present the show?
For the drinks , is it dificult to find reduction ? where can find it?

thanks you very much
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book a table at the restaurant in the club. No queue. Nice food. free entry to club. Approx 50-60e pp (or more if you wish)
ok , but j don t want to book a table , just to be sure that we don t have queue and if we can arrive when we want with the ticket online