Danny Tenaglia @ Privilege


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a couple of days ago i saw mr t play @pacha london (he span a whole nights experience in two hours, he rocks)

anyway, at the end he got on the mic and talked about playing priviledge sometime this summer, i know he did pacha yesterdaay in is doing amnesia soon but does anyone know about this party. he made the point that he would be playing the room with the glass roof "and not that stupid thing above the swimming pool, i don't do swimming pools"
It is on September 7th from 8PM to 8AM... it sucks.. I am flying out at 4AM from the island on September 8th.. I guess I'll gave to see the beginning and leave before the end...
I was there. I remember it was free entance till 11pm.
One of the nicest Ibiza memories.
Same summer, we did catch him at DC10.