Danny Tegaglia



I am looking for a song by Danny that I heard at a club in Chicago. All I know is that it was by him and had the words "the spell is over but the enchantment remains" or reverse the spell and enchantment thing. At least I think those were the words. If you know what song I'm talking about let me know please.
I'm not that clued up on tenaglia's stuff but i just got:

Danny tenaglia - Greatest Remixes Vol One 2x12"

Which contains:
A1 Danny Tenaglia Feat Celeda - Music is the Answer (rmx)
A2 Daphne - When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental)
B1 Danny Tenaglia - Elements
B2 Danny Tenaglia - Elements (Acapella)
C1 Grace Jones - Feel Up
C2 Patricia Kaas - Reste Sur Moi (Blue Velvet Mix)
D1 Funky Green Dogs - Reach for Me (Nunrg Mix)
D2 Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy

None of these seem to be the one your talking about but i havent had a good listen yet. As this is vol one though, i assume there is another vol that has been released or yet to released. This one was released on 29/08/2003 but there's no info about the other volumes. I'll try and get hold of the others if they exist and i'll post up my results.
well thats a start anyone else have a clue about the song (mix) I'm talking about?
Kristoff K said:
I think it is:



Yeah bang on.

Awesome track, although not really my sound now, used to drop this all over, works perfectly.

Vocal is unreal!
your deff. talking about .. Strings for Life.. "life is sometimes hard in its constant progression ..but the spirit remains" Danny used to play it alot in early 02' . I forget who did the track I'll check when I go home :)