Danny Rampling


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Can u tell me which kind of music is he playing.I never saw his set.iIs he any good?He's coming here in Bucharest 16 of May.
Funky house, used to be more vocally, apparently he's been going down more of a tribal route recently but not heard him for nearly a year. He's worth a listen if you've not seen him before cos he's one of the Daddies, been around for years.

Top bloke as well, an absolute nutter :D
I agree with Barbie, Danny's defo worth seeing he used to play real 'feel good' music. tho I haven't seen him in over a year either
I've seen him within the last few monthes and he playing funky/vocal house. Very good.

I can remember the days when he was playing euro trance......
gecko2 said:
I can remember the days when he was playing euro trance......

Yeah me too, I saw him at cream once with MC Kinky (everything starts with an E) on the mic. His club Glam @ The Milk Bar was one of my old favourites
I heard him in december at Milk in belfast & he came back to a party at mine after!!! :D

he did play kinda tribal and techy stuff... i'd rather hear the lovegroove sound though
my wee sis got a picture taken with him in our living room and has it up on the wall now... most girls have nsync, she has danny rampling lol
nah never seen that!!

how many people can say that danny rampling played at their 21st b-day party!!
Heard him play at Bed a few weeks ago, quality set.

It was a change to hear some 'real' house.