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I know this should go in International Parties, but I felt this was worthy of a mention on here.. the PR beneath is unteachable



The Syndicate Halloween Spooktacular.


This halloween the crypt that is the syndicate brings you a night of celebrity's and superstar djs.
A full spooky makeover of the club will bring blackpool its biggest halloween ball yet!
Expect to be surrounded by zombies,gouls & ghosts witches & wizards as we take you through too the witching hour..


With DANNY DYER (Star of 'The Football Factory' and 'The Business')

Danny will be performing an exclusive dj set in level 1 Along side resident Lee Watson.
Expect to hear the latest Chart,Party,Indie & RnB Anthems.

Danny was born in Canning Town,East London on 24th July 1977.He had a fairly typical East End upbringing,and would probably never have entered acting if he hadn't been spotted at his local Sunday School,by an agent who auditioned him for the part of Martin Fletcher in the acclaimed Granada Television series Prime Suspect.At the age of 14 he was given the part and found himself working along side Helen Mirren.

Danny subsequently appeared in a variety of television prductions including Cadfael,A Touch of Frost and Loved Up.After a bit of a quiet spell he emerged in two notable preformances.Firstly as Alec in Central Television's Thief Takers,and then twice as Gary Fox in Carlton's award winning series Soldier Soldier.

TV,film and theatre work flooded in as Danny became one of the best and most recognised London actors in the country.Recently he has been seen in the Channel 4 drama Second Generation,directed by John Sen; Mel Smith's film 'High Heels And Low Lifes' and his latest offering,the highly acclaimed 'The Football Factory',directed by Nick Love.

Danny is also a seasoned theatre actor,treading the boards in both London and New York in a number of high-profile productions,including Harold Pinter's No Man's Land and Peter Gill's Certain Young Men.

Dont forget guy's n girls.Its FREE ENTRY B4 MIDNIGHT IN FANCY DRESS.

So make an effort and be rewarded on the night!

Door open 10pm - 5am

130-140 Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 3PR. // Tel 01253 753222 // E: info@thesyndicate.com

Strictly Over 18’s – id is required for all under 21 // Rights of Admission reserved.



Did a set at my local club a while ago, wasnt bad. Not any worse than you're usual run of the mill club DJ

Didnt give it the big'n or anything, just got his head down and got on with his set
Luckily he's on Floor 1 of my "amazing" local club. Lucky for me though, Jonathan Ulysses is on floor 2 playing for KissDaFunk :twisted:
From another forum. Some feedback on one of Danny Dyer's PA's.

Thought I would drop you a line about a 'meet and greet with Danny Dyer' I went to last Saturday. Turns out that the man is a bit of a ballbag!

Me, my sisters and a friend had VIP tickets to meet Danny at Syndicate in Bristol, where he was going to be doing a DJ set. He stumbled in to the DJ booth at midnight and shouted "Bristol, I hope you are out of your faces 'cos I'm ****ed!!". Not wrong there!!

He spent the next 2 hours trying to remain standing, wearing headphones that were not plugged in and sweating like a fat man in Greggs whilst some other poor bugger took control of the decks. Too much beak I reckon!!

We were due to meet him in an upstairs lounge and when he walked in he was being held up by four bouncers and his eyes were like marbles in a washing machine. However, when he walked past where me and my sisters were standing, he managed to kiss my sister on the lips and say "Hmm, that was nice" and then turn to me, kiss me and grab my right tit and give it a firm squeeze. An autograph would have done mate!

He was there all of two minutes and then had to be taken out because he couldnt cope and everybody was moaning because he was too mullered to speak.

We thought it was a bit rude of him to get off of his tit's when he knew that he was being paid to meet people.....he could of at least offered to share his goodies with us! Danny, you are not The Business.
She got a kiss and a touch up from Danny Dyer. What the feck is she moaning about?! Plenty of girls would pay for that :lol:
Also he is a sly f***er, he wanted to meet up with me and a few of my mates to do a documentary. He got hold of a few of our numbers, was told no from the off, not interested then phoned another mate and told him that we agreed to do it. Few months later I bumped into him around my area whilst he was filming some pratt by me for world's deadliest men, he told me our wires got crossed somewhere, I said no you was told from day 1, not interested.