Daniella westbrook.

But she really does look like she could be Peggy Mitchell's daughter in real life... they both talk with this kind of curled lip thing I can't explain it but you probably know what I mean:confused:
rough as the road.......as my grandad used to say

So you wouldnt then J ;)

:eek: :lol: Brings a whole new meaning to the label 'chav' !!
BEWER is the word your looking for.... Dan doesn't take drugs any more she's really sorted herself out, although it's been a tough ride, she's been clean for a while :D
Her nose is weird though, looks like a boxers. Am guessing its cos of the surgery?!

Pretty sure it is. Michael Jackson's nose was known to fall off so I guess no rhinoplasty is trustworthy.

I saw the episodes of her return as well and couldn't believe she's only 35 years old. I don't know how she didn't die of a heart attack doing that much cocaine. Glad she's cleaned herself up, what with children to raise.