i had some rep come to my place of work today to get me to sign up to some medicash thing. she was also trying to sell me holiday insurance and asked if i was going on holiday.

i said i was going to ibiza !!

she said that she used to be a dancer at manumission 3 years ago
(she was a minger) anyway she also said she will never go back there and that all the blokes where like trying to grab her and stuff whilst she was doing the parades in the west end !!!

she also said that the other reason she wont go back out there is because the club scene is dying!!!!!!!


all this was in front of a colleague who was going to go to ibiza lthis year after what i have said and has now changed his mind because hes convinced that the club scene is dying and is now going to falaraki

obviousley shes a lier the club scenes far from dying have never seen manumission parade in the westend and shes far to ugly to be a dancer!

its people like this that really piss me off
did u buy anything off here cause if not,u may of pissed her off,dont know why your maye is going to falaraki theres not even a proper club scene going on over there-shocking