Dance Jobs / Bar Work...



Hi my name is living in the UK at the mo and i reallyyyyyyyyy wanna move to Ibiza and persue my career in dancing at clubs!
I have been dancin since the age of 5 and have become a British and European Cheerleading Champion..iv been offered to dance in a few clubs in Cardiff but the club scence is soooooooo boring here! I wana be in the capital of Dance babyyyyy! (",)
Also if im not sucessful of finding dance work then any bar work ? hhaha and if any1 cud help me by telling me how to go about moving to ibiza as im a ickle bit scared goin to a country on my own and how to get accomodation etc...

Thanks peeps

Saz xXx

p.s. contact me on msn/yahoo :lol: :D :p :twisted:
i don't know if 4 years experience will be enough for our top notch entertainment establishments here - so maybe you could try manumission?


someone give me two saucers of milk!

No iv been dancin for 14 years...
Does Manumission have a site percific for vacancies atall?..

ha please

Dj Biff, get over yourself. Go go dancing is about style and personality, I have seen girls with no experience rock the house, and i have seen girls with years of experience not have what it takes to be a gogo dancer.
I can't believe anyone who works at clubs would actually say that. Especially a "so-called" DJ.
Hi Saz
I aint long got back from Ibiza, there was a few jobs going in the bars & clubs up the west end, but not sure about dancing work? You'd probably have to ask in all the main clubs. Im heading back to Ibiza in a few weeks to stay for the rest of the summer. Im from Cardiff too, so send me an e-mail if your thinking of going.