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Just a load of tracks old and new wot I like at the moment.

Enjoy :D

1 Ame - Setsa (with Grace Jones - Hurricane)
2 Cozzy D - Jaffa Jazz (Yakine remix)
3 Crazy P - Love on the Line (Unabombers Dub)
4 Mark Knight and Martijn Ten Velden - A New Reality (Warren Clarke Instrumental)
5 Kerri Chandler - Kong (Dj Gregory Edit)
6 Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte
7 River Ocean feat India - Love & Happiness (Michel Cleis Floreo remix)
8 Tiga - Beep Beep Beep (Loco Dice remix)
9 Chris Wood and Frank Leicher - Into the Jungle
10 Tres Demented - Demented (Or Just Crazy)
11 Style of Eye - Air Race (Worthys Mid Air Collision remix)
12 Ralph Falcon - Whateva (House mix)
13 Friendly fires - Jump in the pool (Wild Geese remix)
this is funny because no fewer than 3 of these tracks made a very big splash at boy's own the other week - didn't expect to hear them all again so soon and in the same mix!

7. river ocean - definitely likely to feature in my best of 2009 roundup - spencer parker played this very late on and I totally lost it - always a sucker for spanish guitars - never really listened to the original but might have to repay it a visit.

8 & 11. the inimitable weatherall played these tunes and myself and a few equally exciteable others (mainly [quintessentially Faith] pot-bellied, bald 40 year olds on drugs) were going WTF? In unison. As for myself, well, was just coming to terms with some methylene-1 I'd licked for the first time in my life only a few minutes earlier and suddenly heard this crackling sound above and around me, like a rattlesnake or someone being unzipped and was transfixed. The Worthy mix also went down a storm with the plane taking off. Not sure either will have quite the same impact at home on a dry, cold Wed night but we'll see.

as for the rest - I like sinfonia and setsa, although no classics by ferrer and ames' formidable standards.

and what can I say about kong. such a tune, shame it slipped under the radar a bit.

Dan X - take a bow and thanks for sharing.
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