DAB Radio


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Can someone tell me what that is....and if it works in the States cause i would love to get it and have Ministry of Sound, Kiss 100, Galaxy 105 and Radio 1 at my disposal instead of listening over the net
DAB radio is just Digital radio (Digital Audio Broadcasts). At the moment most people in the UK have analogue radios.

You won't be able to get british digital radio in the states because the transmitters don't cover that far.. its the same as analogue in that way.

You will just have to keep listening via the web, unless someone can hook your satellite dish up to all the sky digital channels (on the Astra satellite) and you can then get nearly every UK radio station. That might cost a bit though...

hope i helped!

dab has gone downhill, I still might pick up a tuner coz there proper cheap now, but apparently fm has better quality!