2 nights of intrest.

retro at edan bit of every thing.

deja vu at edan drum and base, it's listed in the spotlight clubbing dates.
i will be going with out fail.
can't get enough of the old skool
Not at any of the good clubs I'm afraid.
I seem to remember a night at Pacha in 99 when Fabio and Grooverider played in the Zenith room...
The owner didn't like what they were playing and replaced them with one of his residents.
It would be great to have a D&B club in ibiza or even a room in one of the big clubs, nothing like a bit of musical diversity & i aint talkin bout the kinda cheesy ballix they try to call D&B at them nights in eden, YUK!
& to the owner of Pacha for kickin off Fabio & Grooverider... SLAP!
I would like a tadge more drum and bass in ibiza, INOX had drum and bass evolution last year on sundays, which had, I think, Bad Company, Jumping Jack Frost, Fabio and Grooverider, etc.....

Hopefully this year DJ Marky (bloody excellent!!) and Hype will be there!
wot about dj rap and goldie at fabrika in august?

i still love her old jdj tape ;-)
Yes I would definately reccomend seeing DJ Marky, and for a little taster get his Brazillian Movement Job CD!! I think Ibiza would suit his style of D&B!! :D :D
Re: 2 nights of intrest.

ksixty9 said:
retro at edan bit of every thing.

wednesday night ----->paul taylor!!!! one of my favs!!!!!! i dont recall much drum and base!!!!! more dance/house classics!!!!! including the sneaky room mat the back hosted by hed kandi!!!!!!

as for much drum and base i dont recall much!!!!!!