cyber kids?!



:lol: i am a regular sundissential goer & crasher kid, & am going to ibiza for the first time this year, and was wondering how many cyberkids there are in the main clubs and what is the main dress code?i'm a fluffy boots & hotpants kind of a gal, & want to avoid pissed up lager louts & meet up with other sunnyd or crasher kids, can any help & give advice on what to wear & to which clubs?


soph xxxx
There isn't much a cyber/hard house crowd at all in Ibiza, even when cyber was at it's peak I have hardly ever seen any in Ibiza.

Not that sure about San Antonio clubs cos I don't really go to them but I think you've got things like Judgement Sundays @ Eden and I think Lisa Lashes is doing some night at Es Paradis this year on Weds. Check out listings for Eden and Es Paradis for full listings.

Gatecrasher are there for 6 wks from 29th July with Tidy Trax on Terrace @ Amnesia and Cream is on Thursdays @ Amnesia.

But cyberkids are very much in a minority in Ibiza.

Dresscodes are anything goes, altho you might get a few funny looks if you turn up to Pacha in cyber gear but other clubs you will be fine.
sophie-d- said:
thanks for the tip, anyone got any more info? :p

When I went out last year I went cyber to Slinky at Es Paradis - I was on my own n although the music was brill (Lashes n Rob Tissera) it was full of beer boys n a couple of times I got started on. :eek:

There will be other girls out in cyber n you will see groups of piss heads standing round trying to get an eyefull/grope. :confused:

When you going? I'm out end of June/July.

Hi Sophie,

I too am a big lover of cyber wear, fluffy boots etc. :D As Barbie said people do wear these on certain nights at Eden and Es Paradis although you definately will be in the minority. I went last year with the idea that alot of others would be dressed the same as me but I was very wrong!! Got a few compliments off some people but also got a few nasty stares off others which made me feel quite uncomfortable. After this first experience I decided to hang up my fluff for the rest of the holiday and went back to the usual little tops and skirts where I felt alot more comfortable!

This year at crasher though I will be dressed in my full gear and am not going to let anybody stop me! :twisted:
I went in cyber last year. Was quite amusing the fuss i got out there! Had people asking for my photo and even got on T4 cos of it! :lol:

Can't say i'll be doing it this year tho. But it was good in some ways cos the cybers stuck together in the clubs.
I wouldnt go cyber/candy in Pacha. -Or Space.

Obviously Cream, GK and Crasher nights will have the most cybers. They're are a few on the island but nowhere near as much as the uk! -These nights are in Amnesia as well so Lots of nice UV to reflect off your cyber gear ;)

Cyber accessories would be fine everywhere i guess, but fluffy boots! - Wouldnt u get hot?

Entirely upto u Soph - do whatcha wanna and fook anyone off who gives u dirty looks
comin' at ya said:
There is a brilliant club called Play-2 in the west end. You will love it.

thats not very fair on the poor girl now is it?

i would expect there to be some cyber maybe at garlands on the nightsthey are doing parties with sunny D.
Ok here's my 2 cents about this subject here;

Cyberkids you should have nothing to worry about when showing up with your cyber gear, for this year (yet once again) you'll have some unique clubbers backing you up in clubs... ones who are known as CYBERS (without the 'kids', simply cause we're not kids anymore and are much more sophisticated than the typical 'cyberkid' u find in a club near by).

I've already posted a few pics of us when found 'in action' at clubs, but the topic they were posted in seemed to have lost from sight, so i'll re-post those pics here just to give you an idea of what i'm yucking about:















And again - please do NOT confuse us or tend to think we are 'cyberkids' cause all we got in common with 'them' is the fact we both look unique in clubs compared to the normal clubber (we're not even UK based people).... Ofcourse no disrespect to the cyberkids themselve

P.S: You will find us wearing our cyber gear in all the clubs we go to, and yes in Pacha as well :twisted:
yeah the only place i saw cyber was at godskitchen and judgement at eden and slinky last yr theres a few shops in san an selling loadfs of cyber gear always worth a giggle going in them places
i personally dont go in cyber but i do think it adds to the atmospher of a club if it is a club that encourages cyber.

i didnt like the cyberkids a gatecrasher though. i think they got a bit of an attitude
nish said:
think theres a cyberdog shop in Ibiza town if any of u cybers are interested

Thereare 2 in Ibiza town, behind Base bar. Cyberdog and Astro.

Astro in San An as well, up the road from that place that does the tatooes and sells cannabis lollies. Another similar type shop next door but one to it.