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:D Six weeks and counting til my Ibiza trip :D

Wanted to know if there are many places to exchange money in Ibiza or should I do that before I get there.

do it before you go because you'll get ripped exchanging it there. If you do change any, banks are best, those currency exchange places i've always found rip you the worst. There is many banks but if i was you i'd just use my credit/debit card and take out money from the atms. Take out enough for the day or days (if your worried about atm charges) and leave the cc/dc and/or some of the cash in your room or safe deposit box at the hotel. There are atms everywhere, its convient, saves time and i'd say its safer than carrying a whack of cash over. takes a little in travellers checks if your worried about losing your card(s). :)
you will get the best exchange rate @ the ATM... At least that's been my experience being anywhere out of the U.S. I assume it would be the same in Spain?

What is the avg charge @ a ATM in Ibiza???
Ok.. So any bank should be able to exchange dollars for euros..

I'll check into it and the safe at the hotel is a good idea..
Don't wanna spend it all in one night :D