Criminal Justice Act Part 2

the govt are happy enough to deafen the NONCONSENTING people of Middlesex with a new runway at heathrow, yet not CONSENTING clubbers

go figure...
Chewie decides to sit in the peanut gallery as usual. ;):lol:

front row and centre.

the govt dont give a rats arse about clubbers (or ravers as they no doubt call us).

Can't see Alan Johnson doing the rounds at MOS thinking "gosh this is spoiling everyones fun, must fight on behalf of people intent of having a good time!"

What next, ciggie style stickers on flyers with pictures of deaf people?:lol:
What next, ciggie style stickers on flyers with pictures of deaf people?:lol:


Actually it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest! :lol::lol::lol:

But I do however think it's worth *cough* protesting. :lol::lol:...tell me you wouldn't be there if another full scale rave/riot kicked off in Trafalgar Square a la '94. ;)
Is there any details anywhere of the proposed new laws?

There seems to be a lack of evidence about this. A large number of these epetitions are actually bogus. Some receiving hundreds of thousands of signatures!,

It has been "on the cards" for 8+ years, Any modern club should be already fairly close if the audio designers were any good, It only a question of correct speaker sizing and placement eg Unlike here, where in one club, One of the biggest speakers you can buy is 1.5 m behind the LJ`s head, Another I have seen, Built the bass bins under the wooden DJ booth lol. Another very simple but ofton overlooked one, Point the speakers away from the bar :spank:,
Sound is reasonably directional, so can be focused, It would still be possible to get your head in a speaker and go home with your ears virtually bleeding, Just the rest of the staff would not be suffering the same
Have a good one

Ps , anyone been to Amsterdam lately ? They have had Sound pressure level limiters for 10+ years
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