Creamfields so far...


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... I ve slept in and Ive broke out in spots!!!!!

Its not raining tho so its not gone right downhill yet!

Right im offski

Cyas there!

ruth said:
think everyone is there today, the board is so quiet!!!!!!! :cry:

the board is normally very quiet at weekends.

most peeps who are on the board only access it when there at work.

but yes it is very quiet.
im not in work ive just got no money to do ne of the things going on this weekend :cry: :cry:
i am both at home and working. ah the joys/bind of the internet.

am off to hed kandi at pacha london a wee bit later. nice
I've been working, training and now I'm home chillin' listening to Dome6 CD1 ;)

Downside to today was picking an old lady up who fell down in road and she had to go to hospital and suffered a dislocated shoulder :eek:

Just called to see how she is and she's alright thank god :confused:

G/F not home till 8.30 so gonna get cleaned up and go call at a friends for a bit. Was invited to a engagement party later but i don't think i'd enjoy.

We'll probably just sit, drink and talk bollocks all night when she gets home (like most evenings since Ibiza :confused: )

Tomorrow - go see our property developer to pick colours and stuff for our new place (yawn yawn)

Have a good long weekend friends :D