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Hay all

Hi everyone Am off to ibiza soon...well July the 1st cant wait wooooo. Anyways This will be My 1st time to the white Isle And I was wondaring If I should get tickets for cream 2009 Now or wait untill am their...If i decided to wait till I get to ibiza would I be able to get them easyley enough cos I realy want to go to cream.

Also I love Trance/Euphoric Trance and so-on, so i was wondaring If anyone recomends any clubs or DJs To see and anyother recomendation for an Ibiza virgin

cheers dudes/duettes ;)
Welll the 4 main trance nights that you'd be looking to go to...

Tiesto on a Monday
Armada with Armin on Tuesday
Obviously Cream on the Thursday (PVD,Ferry,Halliwell)
Judgement Sundays at Eden (Sander, Jules, Halliwell etc)