Cream reopening



Cream isnt reopening as a club. Its going to be a bar called Baby Cream or something.
A chill out venue on Bold St which isnt too far from where Nation is now.

Doubt if they will reopen Cream fully. They dont own the place anymore, theres different nights on every week so its not as if the owners of Nation need the Cream anymore.

The Courtyard has been sold to the Lomax as a live gig venue so theres no way they will give the Courtyard back to Cream every Friday & Saturday as theres always gigs on in there.

As for the scallies, theres loads in there now because its one off nights. If it was on every week with the same old atmosphere, Im sure they would all leave it.
Anyway, most of them only go in there till 2am when the Pleasure rooms opens up opposite Nation.
It got to the point where it was half dead in there.

They were letting anyone in, they werent even searching people.
You never waited more that 2 minutes to get in because there was never a queue.

Then the dealers just openly started selling in there which is a bad sign in any club.

The last 2 or 3 times when they must have known that it was shutting, after a certain amount of people were in, the doormen were supposedly just pocketing the money and making as much as possible before it shut.

Its been very packed though for these one off nights so maybe thats the way forward.
where did u hear that?

Lomax is in the shit now anyway. The companys in debt! Guessing they'll sell nation on to someone else

Most people were searched, if u had vip u went straight in.

I never seen bouncers dealing openly in there
It was inevitable that the club would eventually slip into decline.........depressing to hear what you guys say though - i am glad i never saw it get so bad.

I remember one night when i hadn't sorted things out onthe door when i queued up with a friend late one Saturday in a line of people that was easily 500-600m long - it went all the way round the would have stretched to Bar Baas! I also remember being in the loo one night and Warren Barton was having a pee next to me and he said that they had managed to get almost 4,000 people in the doors......i mean you don't get that any more - apart from in Ibiza!

Funny how times change eh? I reckon that the musical "edge" that you used to get in the north west in the 90's has swung back down to London now......or could it be that its just because i live there now??!
I didnt mean the bouncers were selling.
I think the bouncers there are pretty honest but towards the end, they didnt give a shit so loads of scallies were just openly selling in there knowing the the bouncers couldnt be bothered with the hassle of throwing them out

I heard that about the Lomax. Im surprised cos the gigs always seemed full
Do you mean James Barton?

I know what you mean about the music.
I love trance but it was nice having a bit of variety whereas now, they only use the likes of Tiesto, PvD etc cos they no that the crowds will go to see them, especially scousers because we tend to like it harder and faster
yeah - sorry James Barton. god its been a long time!
5 years!!!

Hows Concert Sq looking these days?? must be nice with all the good weather we've been having.
concert square's ok, best in summer when the tables come out:)

Love that Modo's / Mojo-?? bar- my fave bar in that area :)

Just thinkin- why would Cream open another bar after shutting mello mello down? Dya think they'll reopen that?
Neil said:
I think the bouncers there are pretty honest

We were in there about 3 years ago and 1 of the bouncers got my mate John in the toilet took all his pills off him, put 1 in the honesty box and kept the rest for himself and also made John hand over 40 quid to be able to stay in the club!

Have to say that was a one off though
All good clubs run their course and finally have their day. Nothing can go on for ever coz we are always looking for something new. Cream should just be remembered fondly along with the hac and lets get on with the new stuff. :D (Or just visit cream in ibiza ;) )
I like the fact that they're still doing one off's though. I had a great night at the start of May, I wouldn't want to be going every week but it's nice to go back. Nation just feels special to me.
Nish - I think you mean Modo.
Its class in there.

Concerts sq is great now in the summer.
Shame its always full of scallies but theres a few good bars round by there, Modo, Baa Bar, Camel Club etc

Dont think Mello Mello is getting reopened either. Im not sure if it has been sold.
yeah - Modo is one of my favourite bars.....period :D . Its got a better vibe than most of the rubbish down here in london - and I would say that the design is spot on.

Used to know the manager and it was designed by a cool design group called Shed - based in L'pool.....not sure if they ever did anything else though.
Neil said:
Nish - I think you mean Modo.
Its class in there.

See how good it is! I even forget the name! lol

Ye mate, I like the baa baa to. Shame about the intense amount of scallies- but it is liverpool!