Cream Opening



Can anyone help me out with this one,
Looks like Cream is opening on the 19th June, which is class news!

But, has this been confirmed and does anyone know if either PVD or Tiesto is gonna be playing that night!

43 days, 20 hours and 11 minutes till I'm on my way to paradise!!!!!
:lol: :twisted:
According to the party calender, neither are playing on opening night, unless Tiesto's name isn't up because he's there every week?
Not sure on that one.
PVD is a definite no-no, will have to wait on Tiesto as his website is a pile of the proverbial.

Supposedly Tiesto and Van Dyk are alternating, but we will see.

Still, don't really matter - It will be the highlight of my week regardless.
Tiesto IS playing every week!

99% sure he will be playing the opening.

last year he did a straight 6 hour set at the opening
ooh i get shivers just thinking about that
6 HOUR set, know i peed
why aren't i there for the opening again???
oh yeh WORK :evil:
Hang on Robo so you are telling me that bearing in mind my 30th Birthday starts at midnight on the opening of cream than I could get 25% of the day with Tiesto on the decks, a day out and about followed by the Pacha 30th in the evening!

I must be one of the luckiest blokes of all time, talk about all your birthdays rolled into one (excuse the pun)!!!! :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted:
Doubt I'll remember it much but gonna be awesome!

Got a nice cheap villa for the week with 6 of me mates and my oldest clubbing/drinking buddy flying out on the Thurs for the weekend.

To be honest I can't think of anything else at the minute, my head is almost spinning already!

need to go into hibernation for the next 6 weeks to save funds and stop me going insane with excitement.

Only problem I have is knowing how hard to party, want to enjoy the days also where possible but looking like the following

Sun - Arrive - go to Judgement Sunday
Mon - chill
Tues - Clockwork Orange/Gallery
Wed - chill
Thurs - out and about, maybe boat trip or something then Cream
Fri - try to keep going through the day then Pacha
Sat - Chill
Sun - go home
Mon,tues,Wed - sleep!
Hey there Wavester my main man!!!!! (Guys -This is the dude who is coming out on the thursday that I mentioned, thought I should get him on the forums)

Welcome to the forum

two questions for ya

1) Have you sorted your flight out for the Thurs - try to get out of work by lunch if you can

2) Can you blag me onto it n'all with it being me burfday?

Hello all

I will have a word with my man and will get back to ya.

No I am sorting flights ourt on Tuesday when i get back from Ipswich - Meeting.

OK with you my son
Nice one 8)

Mind you don't catch anything in Essex I know what you are like!

Roll on Ibiza!
PVD's first nite
Ibiza 3.7.03
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