Cream Closing, Calvin Harris@Pure Pacha, Hed Kandi Closing, Space Closing and Cocoon

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5 nights in a row is a bit much at the best of times but due to some good rest in between we got through it.

We actually had no intention of going to Cream as it was not great last year but as usual it was only wishful thinking to behave ourselves even for 1 night. We arrived at around 02:00 and I have never seen a queue like it outside. I'd say the staff there got caught unawares and this added to the fact that so many flights from the UK got in on Thursday night meant there was a rush at the door at around that time. Inside it was a lot busier than last year although nothing like Cocoon busy.
Music was typical Cream and both rooms were busy with a good vibe. A good night all round. It wrapped up pretty early and we were home by 07:00 and in bed by 10:00 (ish)

Pure Pacha

Originally this was meant to be the closing Party but as Pacha have had such a good season they pushed everything out a week. None the less it was an amazing night. I had been keeping 2 of my last 4 Equinoxes for this night and boy was I glad. Pure Pacha is my favourite of all Club nights in Pacha and this was up there with the best. I dont think any of us left the floor from around 03:30 onwards. Calvin Harris was amazing and Sander Kleinenberg took us all the way to 07:00 knowing we were totally in his power. One point to note. There was a model from the FTV show earlier in the night dancing beside us all night. Kleinenberg was in there until his buddy beside him in the DJ booth made an obscene gesture to her right at the end. All you had to do was call her over buddy. Not cool and you probably cost your amigo the morning of his life.

Hed Kandi Closing

I love Hed Kandi, always have and was delighted to see them move to Space. Dont know why it never took off this year (I was at 4 parties there this year and the only one that was any way busy was the opening party. None the less it was a super night. I guess Space Closing on the Horizon kept everyone at home on Saturday. It was disappointing to see such a small crowd at what was one of the best parties I have ever been to. The only upside was that it allowed them to get more and more progressive as the night went on as only the true fans were left after about 5AM. Night of the year for me

Space Closing

I had no great hopes for this as I knew it was going to be far too busy. On top of everything the weather turned on Sunday and nowhere near enough people were willing to go outside to the Terrace as the rain was getting through the Tarpaulin it never really got going out there. That said I really enjoyed it. We stayed from 3pm to about 11PM so after that I have no idea what happened. The whole day was more of a social occasion than a dance fest. I wouldnt be in any rush back to a we love party. They need to rethink the whole concept in my view as they are now falling between the Underground and Mainstream pleasing no one sect.

Cocoon Closing

I love Cocoon and love what they have done for Ibiza but I would nver again go near this closing party. It is not that it was dangerously busy (I am 6"3 and even I was worried about the crowd) but there are too many Italians (where did they all come from at this time of the Year) and as we all know Italians do not get out of the way. Therefore traffic jams ruined the night and everytime we had to move it took over an hour to get settled in a new spot. If you did not get a good spot to dance early and stick to it then you were in for a broken night. I left at about 05:30 and wish I had left earlier. I was going home on Tuesday evening so left the after party alone.

All in all it was a great weekend. As good as any of the previous ones. There was a good vibe in Playa Den Bossa any time we went there.
One final note. Where do Bora Bora thikn they are going with €13 a drink. I bought a pitcher of beer and 3 Vodka lemons one afternoon -€66, that's too much. Talk about killing the golden goose. There are much better beach parties in Paya den Bossa.
The quality of drugs on the Island was a big issue this year and some of the stuff I saw kids buying was truly frightening. Be careful if you visit there next year and try to stay drug free if you can

Have a good winter

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Where do Bora Bora thikn they are going with €13 a drink. I bought a pitcher of beer and 3 Vodka lemons one afternoon -€66
Seems you can't add up ?:spank:
4x13 = 52Euro?
Have you bought a drink at the "much better beach parties in Paya den Bossa"??
Eg. Ushuaia seem to have a regular drink price for off peak moments & then prices change for their popular parties..The drink prices I paid in Ushuaia were comparable to any of the big clubs Amnesia/Space etc..
Thank for the lovely contribution ANON. Since when did you think a large pitcher of beer costs only €13.
To be honest I would just suck it up for the time of the year that is in it. However this was at 16:00 and the tunes had not even started. Anyway I am not going to get into a debate on drink prices. If The Beach bars cant see themselves that people are not going to pay €13 a drink in the afternoon then they are beyond help
got to say, i thought the space closing agree slightly that it wasn't as 'club like' as some nights but thought that was what made it so good. it felt like the day long festival it claimed to be (especially with the rain!) and i met so many random people...just thought it was a really good vibe despite the weather's best attempts to sabotage it!

In regards to Bora Bora, my gf got far too drunk in there as we were drinking pints (at €6) instead of €12 is not her friend ha ha