Cream - back in liverpool???


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Read an article yesterday bout Cream coming back to liverpool! :)

Rob Gutman (the owner of Lyceum - a liverpool restaurant) has confirmed him and James Barton are doin something together.

Anyone else heard bout this?
no but i like the sounds of it!
bring back CREAM to liverpool pleeeeeeeeeeease
(actually would b better in london but hey)
Reckon they have got a helluva job on their hands then. Be v difficult to re-create the original vibe of the place.

Times have changed man. Do you know what their proposed venue is?...or are they talking about keeping it at Nation?
I went to the Creamfields Launch Party at Nation 2 weekends ago and unfortunately it was full of nob heads.

I live 30 mins from Liverpool and would LURVE them to come back, but I'd prefer it if they put the price up a bit to keep all the scallies out.

Hey, if they do come back to Liverpool you can all come and crash at mine!!! Yipee!
From what I've heard they will be doing more one off nights throughout the year (this came from someone at Cream) but I've not heard about anything else :confused:

Cream is my joint favourite club (along with Tangled in Manchester) and I'd love it if they got something else going.

Even though I live down south I still do nearly all my clubbing oop north!
Im in liverpool and been goin cream for the last 3 years, -even with the prices up the nob heads would still get in- half of them are on the guest list! They should put prices down so more non nob heads would go.

Didnt go the Creamfields launch coz I guessed it wouldnt have been good(and woz proper skint), the Ibiza launch party was Amazing tho! :)

They really should keep it at nation. I hope the plans are for the actual club! They didnt actually say in the article if it was related to any other Cream offshoots or if theres gonna be a new cream restaurant or wotever.

As for re-creating the atmosphere, dunno if they could do that, But a start would be to change the interior to how it was! I think they should put the zoo back in (I hope the other place next door to nation hasnt took it!), get the sound system they had in the courtyard back, change the courtyard to how it was, and change the upstairs sawmill to how it was2 (more chill out space).
Dunno if the main room should revert back to how it was, I remember a shit load of regulars sayin to me how they preferred the old version.

Question is can they do it?! Someone I know told me that the whole of nation now belongs to the lomax- not just the courtyard!

Cream should stay in liverpool methinks, Cream is liverpool. I dont think the town would be half as popular if Cream wasnt there. Im sure everyones heard the statistic about how 70% odd of students in 95 choose liverpool as their choice of university because of Cream :p

The university(s) is prob one of the citys main reasons for people comin from all over- didnt hurt them economically- or with that european captial city of culture either!

Cant really see Cream taking off in london, although there is some market there most people down there prefer different music. Cream's music policy would prob get it less door numbers than liverpool- even Crasher shut its doors at heaven earlier this month.
Ha! Thats great Nish....i was at the university from 96-98 and you are bang on about the statistics for people coming to the was reported in the John Moores prospectus that the 2 main reasons for their students attending were: Cream (and general l'pool nightlife) and Liverpool FC!! They got in real trouble with the education committee!!!

However they were right - and so are you about what they should do to the club - although like i said it would be really difficult to re create the buzz..............however the old zoo room with the cow print pattern roof WAS awesome (you used to have to queue to get in it!) - anybody remember seeing Carl Cox as resident in there whilst Oakenfold was residing in the main room? Great days - and the sound system was sometimes so loud that the base made your lungs reverberate! It was truly a unique experience.... I fear that may have been lost with peoples change in taste and house music. Cream will live on though in the memory of ANYBODY who visited Liverpool in the mid 90's.
they should DEFO put the zoo back in, i used to love kicking back with everyone there.

i've been going there for about 3 years too - we've probably seen each other a million times before!
ye Xpander- prob met as well! That Zoo was The best place to chill out.

S Express - i would have Loved to have gone to Cream in the mid 90's, everytime I meet someone who tells me about how it was like I get proper green with envy! lol

I think Barton and Hughes pulled of the greatest club night in the uk, I fookin Love Cream :p
We all know that weekly superclubs have had their day (unfortunate but true). A lot of the younger kids are getting into different things and the scene seems to have changed a lot in the past couple of years (although I seem to be stuck in 1999 :p)

To be honest I didn't go to Cream for the last year and a half it was open weekly because the line ups were just shocking after Jon Hill left. I used to look at the listings when they came out and there was not a single week in all that time that I wanted to go to. The DJ's never seemed to complement each other and they were all over the place. That's why I was chuffed when I saw the line up for 3rd May, it was a dream come true to go back there for my b'day

I've ALWAYS had better nights at Cream then at any other night in the country, I can't put my finger on why, I just LOVE the place.

It would be great if there was something more regular from them in the UK...fingers crossed!

They sold Nation I believe and just rent it like anyone else when they want it.

Oh and the main room was WAY better before and they've nicked my podium from the courtyard!!
ive been to cream events and i been to creamfields 3 years running but i never been to Bation.

my girlfriend is a scouser and she allways makes me gealous saying how she used to go every week when oakey was resident :cry:

i allways get her back though by talking about how good ibiza was every time i been and she hasnt!!
Cream was what clubbing was all about in the mid 90s, I had some fab nights there in my youth :p but they kind of lost the plot after Oakie left :rolleyes:
as i've not been here, she hasn't had to be careful about what she says, but now as soon as she lets her guard down BANG i'll be there