Cream at Amnesia (26/6/03)



Tiesto and Guy Ornadel were playing in the main room. This was our first night at Amnesia ever and i was pretty impressed. Def a night for the glow stick crowd though and being a big name like Cream means it gets it fair share of beer boys and ppl who are too wasted to really appreciate the music, but they all tended to filter out by about 4am.

The main room was pretty big, although the main dance floor was really hot. Theres a small raised bit to the right hand end of the DJ box (which is a long raised balcony along one wall which was really cool), which was rigth under tha air con and so you can stay cool all night if you are dancing there. Tiesto was playing some big tunes too especially the new PVD tune which was well recieved. the ice fog that they spray when the play some really big tunes was good, a mate was right in the middle and said it was brilliant.

The second "terrace" room was pretty quiet, shame as they were playing some funky house in there which made a nice change from the non stop trance in the main room. Its a nice room and i guess in mid season it will be nicely packed a nice place to hang out. We snuck a bottle of water in and a camera but i wouldnt advise it as they frisked the ppl in front of us, but didnt bother with us luckily! :) The bus is fairly direct from Coastline but was very rammed.

def worth a visit esp if you havent been and i would prob go back again if i go next year as it does make a nice change to the usual music you hear in some clubs over there....i always did like a bit of trance! :)
How is the new sound system of Amnesias Main Room? I read that they had again a new sound system (must be the 3rd in 4 years). Last years sound system wasn't really good and very ugly placed on the dancefloor....
i hadnt been b4 but it seemed good to me, massive bass speakers still on the floor in places, but most ppl just dance ontop of them.....seemed to be able to handle the serious bass they were putting out ;)
I guess new bass speakers, the speakers of last year where to high to dance on.;) (and you would probably have dirty pants if you touched the speakers)