Cream, Amnesia 29 August 2002



Hiya folks, I went to Cream Amnesia last year on 29th August I think it was, Van Dyk was there and it was the most amazing night I've ever had in a club.

Would anyone know if I could get that nights set on CD from anywhere at all? I have searched all over the net and found nothing, surely it is available somewhere??

Pls help me :)
Is this the tracklist mate?

01. Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Insigma Mix) [ATCR Records]
02. Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You [Vandit]
03. Hi Tech - Let There Be Light (JS 16 Remix) [Sumo/MoS]
04. Murphy Brown & Nu NRG - Aloa-P (Mr. Pink Remix) [Z-Sprung Records]
05. The Bass Tarts - Summer In Space [White Label]
06. Klea - Tic Toc (Magik Muzik remix) (Paul van Dyk Rework) [CD-R]
07. 040 Feat. Erica Baxter - Dreams (Remix) [Silicon Records]
08. The Moon feat. Nu-NRG - Supersonic [Vandit]
09. Marco V - Atlanta 02-02-2002 [Superstar Recordings]
10. Syntax - Pray [White Label]
11. Three Drives - Carrera 2 [Vandit]
12. Armin van Buuren - Sunburn [United]
13. Oceanforce - Euphoric Dream (Oceanforce Mix) [Elevation]
14. Nu NRG - Butterfly [Vandit]
15. Ghostland feat. Sinead O´Connor - Guide me God (Paul van Dyk Remix) [Vandit]
16. Solid Sleep - Club Attack (TPOD Mix by Paul van Dyk) [Vandit]
17. Connector - Interference (Paul van Dyk Rework) [MoS - Unreleased]
18. Blank & Jones - Secrets & Lies (Paul van Dyk rework) [MoS- Unreleased]
19. Paul van Dyk - Another Way (Club Mix) [Vandit]
20. Noemi - Y.O.U. (Mezziah Mix) (edit) [Jive Records]
21. Sun Decade - I'm Alone (Ronski Speed Mix) [Euphonic]
22. Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You [Vandit Promo]
23. Marco V - I Feel You (Paul van Dyk Remix) [Vandit CD-R]

if so, ive seen cd's on ebay.

Also i downloaded this set from

Mint set
I was last year on 29/08/02 as well in Cream @ Amnesia, and guess what?
That was the best party of my life as well... ever!

But unfortunatly the tracklisting from that party isn't available nor is the set itself... I've already searched everywhere for it :(

This tracklisting Andy B posted here above is taken from set of the party held there on 15/08/02
aaaaw well thanks you guys for the replies, I know i'm new but i only just discovered this forum. It's a shame, that night was so unbelievable, the best and unexplainable atmosphere in a club, ever :)

Where are you from fusion?

The dry ice machine was such a wicked part of the night as well!!! :p
I am from Israel, and here's one of my pics from that night you've mentioned above:


I am the person who appears high up in the air in the pic (with purple pants) :D :D
You wern't by any chance the person who was swinging that weird thing around your head that "strobed" Israel??

Do you have any more piccies?

hahahaha yes i was that person... guilty as charged :)

and yes i have more pictures from that night, here they are:










ring some bells for u? :)
All I can say is that if that was you, you were the only person (Apart from the main man himself :p) that stuck in my mind, I thought that Israel gadget was well cool :p

I can't believe what a small world it is, I did lok fo rme on those photo's but i'm not on any, although it was packed as usual :p

I have a few but they are crap compared, I will upload them tomorrow for you! My mate will laugh his head off when I tell him i'm chatting to the Israel gadget swinging guy hehehe :)