Crasher this sat- PVD 6HRS:)

How was it???? I have to admit that even though trance is my thing I've never had an amazing night at the Republic. Was PVD on form??
Ye was pretty damn good! Nightmare with the organisin tho! My mate from liverpool pulled out, leaving me to get there on my own (was ok tho coz meeting mates from manchester in sheffield).

On sat I went to get my ticket and the girl said they sold out! Then when I went to check the train times I found out I had to leave at 6 to get to sheffield for 8- (I had to get to Crasher when the club opened so I could get a ticket on the door). which meant I had to rush home, get changed, pay for a taxi back to liverpool lime street (£10) then £20 for the train (which I just caught)- with a soakin arse coz the taxi driver left the passenger window open when it was raining! Managed to catch the train, got to sheffield at 19.40, got burger king breakfast then!(coz I didnt have time to eat all day) then mooched to the howard.

By PURE fluke I asked some people comin out the howard if they knew where the republic was (ive never been before last night)- they said they were goin and I could walk with them- when I asked one of the lads if anyone had any tickets they were sellin and he give me a ticket which is supposed to be for the regulars! -So I got in early with the regulars and for £17! -REEESUULTT!

My mates came about 10mins after and it we had it! Crasher is a weird/different club tho- Im just a Cream-head at heart but it is a good club, im tempted to go next sun for the red and black event.

The Sound system is f***ing FIERCE!!! My ears are still ringing now! Finally got home at 1 sunday afternoon and think im still a bit f***ed (which u can probably tell coz im waffling loads and bein scatty!)
Glad you had a good night :)

I've not been to Crasher in Sheffield for ages.

As I said for someone who loves their trance I've never really really liked the Republic. Whereas everytime I ever went to Cream I always had an amazing time.

Red and Black should be good though. I wanted to go but am keeping every penny now for Ibiza as it's only 3 weeks on Monday til I go..YIPEE!!!

Have you ever been to Passion? Now that is a good club :D
not been to passion - yet. Got a steve lawler mix from there from a couple of years ago- the crowd sound mad!

I wanna go to Sankey's - EVERYONE keeps telling me about the sound system! :eek:

Sankey's in Manc? I think we're heading over there Sunday for the Underwater party... Never been there either, but the line up looks tops.
ye darlin sanks in manc! Hopefully Morillo's set in August will be an alnighter (then I can get the train back :) )

Whos playin for underwater -I got an email from them but deleted it!
Looks to be Darren Emerson, Tim Deluxe, Paul Woolford & Paul Jackson (Room 1) and Krafty Kuts & A-Skillz (room 2). Unless wild horses are holding me back, we'll be there... :p
nish said:
not been to passion - yet. Got a steve lawler mix from there from a couple of years ago- the crowd sound mad!

I wanna go to Sankey's - EVERYONE keeps telling me about the sound system! :eek:


I used to go to Sankeys all the time a couple of years back when I lived in Manc. Golden was on then so I got my trance there. Have to admit that the sort of stuff they play nowadays isn't my thing ie it's not trance! :p

Good little club though and the sound system is top!!
Red light is on at sankeys on a sat and its funky and brill.
Apart from the club is in a right dodgy area
Usual sort of guests are Morillo, Sneak e.t.c
Tribal sessions is on a Fri, Ive only been once and although not my favorite music its good once in a while. its tribal and funky techno sort of thing.
Sankeys is definately on my priority list for clubs to visit in uk. - That and the orbit in leeds- which apparently is in the middle of nowhere, but it does mad techno and Sven Vath loves it so its gotta be worth the hike! :)