Couple staying at Arenal 14th to 22nd Sept



Going from 14 to 22 sept. Just wandered what the Arenal hotel is like and what the local pubs and clubs r like. We are in are late 30s and like to have a good time and a laught this being r first time in San antonio. A nice break away from the kids and the rat race lol.
Never stayed there but IMO it is in a superb location, right next door to The Orange corner, Bar M and Itaca, and a short walk from the Sunset strip. Eden and Es Paradis are a 2 minute walk on the other side of the road. The quieter Bay bar is just as short a walk in the other direction. Close enough to the action for easy access, but far enough away from the west end to avoid the, well, people to be avoided.
Me and Mrs Hook left the kids with my Mam last year for a week and had the time of our lives and are back again 2nd Sep.
Mams are great aren't they??

i smell a spoof here.

San Antonio's world famous rat racing week actually starts on 14th september with events such as the 10 metre sprint, hurdling matchboxes, and the 500 metre marathon! bring the kids they'll love it.

thanx 4 info will have to try them out. Dont know about the racing going out there for my 40th on 15th didnt fancy it in the uk.
The Arenal is a lovely hotel, you definatly won't be dissapointed, check out the hotel review section.
yes it looks good and some good reviews as well. Hope the food is as good im sure it will be , only got to wait until we go now. :lol:
Me and the Mrs are staying at the Arenal 14th Sept to 28th Sept, the Arenal is a nice hotel close to Bar M, Itaca etc nicely away from knobs of the West End, this is our 3rd visit this year and we love it!!! The Mrs is 30 and i'm celebrating my 30th while i'm out there, so i'm likely to be a bit :eek: !!!!!! we have already had to very mad sessions in Ibiza this year, so this time we are taking a bit more steady, there will be 10 of us althogether (family and friends) ranging from the age of 6 to 60!!!! Hope you have a great time, see you there!!!!!
Cool the hotel sounds good should be a great holi for u all. I like to have a drink and looking around theres plenty of places to go. We r ariving about 9.45pm so should have time for alittle drink. Not to much on the first night but after that no limits lol.