Couple of Bora pics

hmmm, me too....I'm thinking of committing financial suicide and heading out for the closing Space weekend - would be fine if I hadn't been twice already in 2003.

But sometimes I feel reckless and a little gung ho - and that's just how I'm feeling. :D
Me too, I keep begging bf to get into debt so i can go enjoy myself at Space closing, but he wont give in, now you'd think "IF HE REALLY LOVED ME" He'd get himself in huge debt, but NO! :(

No probs, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Lisa, never underestimate the power a woman has over a man's wallet!! - I'm sure there's a way...... ;)

And vice versa for the politically correct out there!!!
A mate sent me 6 seconds of video to ID a song for him. Turned out it was "Dreams", by Kings of Tomorrow. I was almost homesick watching footage of Bora Bora.... :cry:
anyone else got any pics or vids? Never been to Bora Bora when it was open :(
-Like to c more of the place if possible?'