**Could you someone help me name this tune?& Thank U!*




I am Canadian trying to find out the name of a track and artist, I heard in the summer of '98 or more likely 1999, while in Ibiza.

The track has a soft, but strong female voice. The lyrics go something like this:

I can feel it!, Can you feel it? ... I can feel it, Can't you feel? ...... (???I feel for girl?)
>>> Free your mind... Live your life, feel free.. Open up your eyes, and you will see.

A remix of this track came out the following year.

To help jog your memory, another anthem that summer was the World cup soccer chant " uh oh , uh oh oh oh ohoh" etc.

Thank-you very much,
Hope to sleep easy with your help.

They are definately 2 different tunes

1: Bob Sinclar - I feel for you (Eric morillo edit is probably the one)

2: Live Element - Be Free
Thank-you x-amount !!!

You are brilliant! Thank-you for very much for your help.

Canuck (Canadian),
John T