consumer electronics???


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yeah, I already figured out ibiza isnt an electorinc's shopping paradise ;) but being a gadget freak i always buy some gadget when im abroad so i would hate to break this tradition...

using google & this wonderful forum I couldnt find anything on shopping for electronic equipment in sure people living here dont buy all their electronic stuff on ebay ;) so where do they get it from? & more important, where do i get it while im here? :D
From looking in shop windows,I don't think it would be worthwhile you continuing your
"gadget freak" habit in Ibiza...:(
Plenty of other stuff to spend you're money on though...:p
Most people buy their electronics on the mainland via the internet as it is so much cheaper. There is little or no choice here, the prices are sky high and after sales service is poor. I buy anything like that in France or the UK where it is much cheaper. Save your money for partying is my advice.
thanks, I intend to buy a digital camera & thought ibiza maybe cheaper than the UK, I guess I will buy it on the mainland or UK.
ebay is your best bet.i got mine very cheap brand new as well.with all the stuff thats comes with it supermarkets sell good ones as well.
you should change where you live then.planet earth????.nip in a tesco/asda/ in london then.they do cheaper better offers.Jessops is a bit to pricy
tesco is more like a super, and they know nothing about lenses...jessops are pro's and they do only cameras so they have lots of experience, also i doubt tesco carries the stuff im looking 4.

(i'm not from the UK btw, just visit it quite often...)

thanks 4 the tips!