construction work 2010


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Jesus its been a long time since I've been on here.

I last worked on the Island for the summer of 2005 but was working in bars. Think I'm going to try again next season. Was wondering how hard it is to find work in construction? I'm a site engineer but used to be a groundworker and hope if possible to get something along these lines whilst out there. Any light anyone could shed on this would be greatly appreciated
There´s very little construction work in the summer. People want work done in the quieter months.
Any builder with any sense usually does as little as possible in August anyway because it´s so hot.
during the summer is when they do most construction work. my boyfriend is also searching for work in this sector and in the winter pretty much most of the construction sites were closed and on pause untill the summer begins, or at least the spring. i would recommend going to the job agencies either in santa eularia, sant antonio, or in macabich av. in the cetre of ibiza. start now, because, they will most certainly need people to start from now. also send your CV around to private organisations, in civil engeeniring, go to villas that under construction, be active, speak a lot to everyone, word of mouth works greatly in ibiza. gain as many contacts as possible.

good luck