confessio!im so ashamed!



ok guys i hate to admit this but i was in ibiza twice last year and...wait for it...i never ventured outside san antonio!!!!i know i can hear you all screaming at me!!!so please tell me where else i should go.we only went to eden and es paradis and thought they were awrite,after reading this i am dying to go to space,pacha,amnesia etc.where do i get tickets for these and what is the dress code?

cheers for any
no!honestly!we were too drunk most nights to even find our appartments never mind go out of town!!!
oh dear
well you best be making up for it this year
in fact you must venture out of san an every night this year
ibiza town is a whole nother world, beautiful
its there that you get your tickets for the other (much much much better) clubs.

you could call youself an ibiza virgin!