Computer help please!


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My Dad has sucessfully managed to wreck our home PC... he's been tinkering about with it for ages (we had a few errors and popups, he somehow thought he could solve this, despite having no IT knowledge whatsoever).
Now, when we turn the PC on, the "Windows Recovery" screen keeps on popping up. I know is something to do with the PC being unable to start up on it's own. I've had a look on the internet for solutions to this, but the advice says it should be undertaken only by a professional :confused:

Can anyone help?
That's a good point Nitefly so obtusely made :lol:

Your computer should have come with a recovery disc. If you're like me, you've tossed it somewhere and it will take you 4 hours to figure out where. But hopefully you haven't thrown it away.

Those discs are usually bootable, so you should be able to boot up your computer on it. It will often have some sort of recovery application.
I seriously don't know what he has done. I don't think he put a cd in or anything... this recovery screen just comes up every time we try to turn the computer on.

Oh well... I'll just tell him he has to pay a professional!