Hi all, i'm going to Ibiza this summer. not sure when..july, august or sept. but it will be my FIRST time there. I want to know where to stay..when to go, and how long to go for.

Also, are there any good flight/hotel packages people recommend? or should i try to book stuff myself? And, are there any groups that go from the US? The reason I ask is because it looks like i'm going by myself. My friends aren't up for spending the money...or they can't get time off from a lot of people have flaked out on me :[ oh well! cause i'm still going!

Any advice, would be so helpful! I'm ready to experience the beauty of Ibiza that I've heard about.....the great people, music, dj's...and just the great environment.....

So if someone can help me out...please do. thanks![/b]
RE: I want to know where to stay.
San An: Beer, cheap, younger crowd.
Play D'en Bossa: Beach parties, activities all day.
Ibiza Town: boutiques, shopping, a little more upscale.
Figueretas: Family oriented.

RE: when to go, and how long to go for.
.I would recommed July, but then again that's the month I'm going this summer.
.How long: 2-4 weeks.

RE: Also, are there any good flight/hotel packages people recommend?
Book the stuff yourself!!
the flights through or
Hotel info can be found on this website.

RE: are there any groups that go from the US?
This will be my fourth visit. I'm from New York and I'll be there July 1-31st with my friend, you're more than welcome to meet us for a drink.

Hope you can make it out this summer.... from san diego and I am planning my third trip to ibiza this summer. I think I am going to go in september for closing parties, but those details wont be worked out until i see the lineup. You can check out some pics from this past summer at

If i get a crew to cruise with me you are more than welcome to tag along.
Whats up.... I'm from Cali, SF area and me and six buddies are going for the first time in early to mid july... the dates aren't set yet....
Hey Cams!

I am from San Diego. This August will be my second trip and my friends first time to Ibiza. I think that is soooooo awesome that you are going it alone. You are going to have the time of your life and meet so many interesting and unique people.

I suggest staying on the Ibiza town side of the island. Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza Town, Figueretes etc.... It is much better on that side in my opinion. Nooffense to San Antonio. I like San An, it's just not the area I would prefer staying in! Go visit San An though. Oh, and rent some mode of transportation to see the other sides of the island. That is a must!!!!! There are tons of websites for hotels in Ibiza. Just go on a search engine and enter Ibiza hotels!

I did all of my planning on my own plus all of the purchasing of tickets etc. on my own. Go on Priceline and enter a low amount from LA to Barcelona. Just remember that on Priceline you must buy the tickets right then if they come up with tickets for the amount you entered. Then go on Expedia or another discount airline site and enter Barcelona to Ibiza and they should come up with some really cheap round trips from Barcelona to Ibiza. I found one ways (since we are going other places) from Barcelona to Ibiza for like $100.00. You could take the ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza, but that takes like 9 hours and by the time you get to Barcelona all you want to do is get to Ibiza as soon as possible. The plane ride from Barcelon takes 45 minutes. Compare that to the 9 hour ferry ride! Hee! Hee! :lol: Oh, and don't do the tour thing! I think those are rip offs anyways. Go, it alone! Hell, you won't be alone for long!

Anyways, I hope that helps! Good Luck and enjoy!