hi guys,just had to let you all know how good coloursfest was!
did any of you go?

it was a beautiful evening,carl cox was banging out the tunes,sacha and john digweed were fab and the we were well pissed

i am well in the mood for ibiza now-3weeks to go

Sasha, sweetie darling, or if ur in America- Sarsha.

Cox and Diggers eh- u lucky thing! :)
Didn't make it along but heard it was a good un.

I was a tad put off, as last year I heard it was a bit of a ned-fest and I wasn't too keen on the venue, but I've heard good reports and I'd have liked to see Cassius.

Carl Cox is superb, but when he plays Glasgow, he doesn't half attract the bams which is why it's such a treat to catch him in Space.
What's the matter with Cassius???

Oh, bams is just a word we use for scallies, you know the threatening, Burberry-cap wearing, trouble-makers!