Colours vs Pressure, Boxing Day - Glasgow


This has just been confirmed by Colours...

...for the non-weedgies - Colours always do the Boxing Day events at The Arches up here

but Pressure has the last friday of the month events....which is Boxing Day!

seems neither would relinquish the night so they reached a compromise of promoting 2 rooms each!

looks like an absolute cracker!!!!
no line up yet but will no doubt be an amazing nite!!!

can't wait already!!!!
no doubt the line up will be good but will take ages to get announced...

...Colours record for releasing info is pathetic at best.

They had a big announcement on the messageboard saying the lineup for the August party would be announced on the board on such and such a date...

...but they then flyposted most of Scotland before the date of the big secret announcement!!!!

Apparently it was a forced compromise....rumour has it that Colours are having to book house djs that would not look out of place at a Pressure night. :eek:
A forced compromise sounds about right! I’m not really a fan of colours, although I’ve been to a few of their Boxing Day nights. I can imagine it will be ridiculously busy.
Apparently Colours are getting the first arch and the playroom whilst Pressure will be getting the main arch and the cafe bar.

Think I'll be in Manchester anyway.