Collection of records for sale



hi all,

I'm selling off some of my older tunes, I've currently doing the deal through ebay as it's the best way to sell really. If anyone's interested you can have a look at the below link. There's an excel spreadsheet I can email over to anyone which is easier to read.

(hope this doesn't break board rules mods)

The list is as follows:-

A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray Rham 1989
Aaron Carl Dance Naked Kickin James Holden + Soulman 2000
Airwave Above the Sky Bonzai 1998
Alchemy Bruiser Bedrock orig + Evolution 2000
Alena Turn It Around Basic Beat Dutch import 1999
Ambition I Want It Fliltered 1998
Atlantic ITC See You in the Next Life Infusion 1999
Basic Implant Audio 12 Unknown 1998
Basscamp Find Me a Love Champion Mr Pink + Knuckleheadz 1998
Bedrock Heaven Scent / Life Line Bedrock Promo 1999
Bedrock Heaven Scent / Life Line Bedrock orig + Evolution 1999
Bedrock Voices Bedrock Slacker + Freelance Icebreakers 2000
Bedrock Voices Bedrock orig + DJ Remy 2000
Blue Amazon And the Rain Falls Vapour Ocean Wave 1999
Bluefish One / Two Quad 1999
Boogie Boy Girl in a Dream Azuli (Test Pressing) 2001
Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy Never Enough Pepperment Jam 2001
Breeder Tyrantic Rhythm Syndicate Slacker + Ocean Wave 2000
Breeder Tyrantic Rhythm Syndicate orig + Evolution 2000
Brothers in Rhythm Dreaming White 1999
BT Dreaming Pioneer orig + Evolution 2000
BT Dreaming Pioneer Libra + Science Department 2000
Cass n Slide Perception / 3 Tyrants Automatic 1999
Chocolate Puma I Wanna Be You Cream orig + King Unique 2001
Code Blue Bonkers in Hamburg EP Blue 1998
Coffee Boys Nipple Fish Forbidden Planet orig + Funk Function 1999
Control 2 Interstellar Quad 1999
Cool Brittania Waves Crosstrax (Promo) 1998
Da Hool Tony's Got the Biggest Dick Bonzai 1998
Deeks & Steel Shake It Loose White 1998
Der Dritte Raum Hal Bopp Additive orig + Nick Warren 1999
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs Sandwiches Pepper 2000
DJ Gregory Moonshine Boogie Rhythm Syndicate Ian Wilkie + Dominica 2000
DJ Meemo Made in Cologne Frisbee 1998
DJ Trash The Gimp Spot On (Promo) Red Vinyl 1998
Dope Smugglaz Double Double Dutch Perfecto 1999
Dr Motte & Westbam Music is the Key Low Sense 1999
Elias Retribution / Music for Descending Platoon 2000
Farley & Heller Perceptions of Pacha Vol 1 Pacha 2LP 2000
Ferris Bueller Digitalement Votre EP Pliable 1999
Francesco Farfa Tribe n Trance / Montalban Plastic Fantastic 1998
Funk Function Empress 0 / Odysseus Multitracks 2000
Funk Function Empress 3 / Empress 3.5 Multitracks 1998
Galaxy The Island Blue Room 1999
George Morel Morel's Grooves pt 8 Strictly Rhythm 1995
Halogen Phase Out / Floating In Space Eve 1999
Hands Burn Good Shot Essential Fontaine & Vern + Signum 1999
Heller & Farley The Rising Sun Junior Bedrock + Danny Tenaglia 1999
Herbert Deep Inside of Me Phonography 1999
House of Glass Disco Down Azuli Bini & Martini + Hatiras 2001
Humate Choose Life Superstition German 2000
Hybrid If I Survive Distinctive 1999
Hybrid Kid 2000 Distinctive 2000
I-Ching Soulstorm / Ways of Love Platipus 1999
ICON Voco Me Low Sense 1999
Inflexion Pure Neo orig + Olmec Heads 1999
Intertales The Settlers Bonzai 1999
Johnny Shaker Pearl River Low Sense 1999
Jondi & Spesh We are Connected Dorigen orig + Circulation 2000
Josh Wink Higher State of Consciousness Strictly Rhythm quality not great 1995
K Klass Live it Up Parlophone 1998
Leftfield Swords Sony leftfield + 2 Lone Swordsmen 2000
Lexicon Avenue Here I Am Yoshitoshi 2LP 1999
Lightning Seeds Lifes too Short White Way Out West remixes 1999
Mansun Tax Loss Parlophone John 00 Fleming + Slam 1997
Mazi & Chris Udoh This Planet Siesta US 2001
Medway Fat Bastard EP Hooj 2000
Memphista Out of the Blue Bonzai 1998
Milk & Honey Touch Wave orig + Francois Kevorkian 2001
Morel True ( The Faggot is You) Hooj Deep Dish + FC Kahuna 2000
Nalin & Kane Live at Crystal Palace Superfly 1999
Ocean Wave Velvet / Clearwater Rhythm Syndicate Promo 1999
Ocean Wave Velvet / Clearwater Rhythm Syndicate remixes 1999
Octavia Katria Fluid 1998
Orbital Belfast remixes FFRR 2LP Sasha + Les Rhy. Digitales + Breeder + Pariah 1999
Oudja Never Tell Bonzai Pulsedriver + Homo Delpainiu 1999
Overdrive Great Barrier Promo orig + Knuckleheadz 1998
Overground Werx Sundance White 1998
Paganini Trax Zoe Incredible Timo Maas + Fortus Angel 1999
Paperclip People For my Peepz Planet E Carl Craig production 1999
Parks & Wilson Feel The Drums EP Hooj 2000
Peace Division Stateside EP Camouflage US 2000
Photek Mine To Give Virgin Morales + Tomiie 2001
Photek Mine To Give Virgin orig + Morales 2001
Pink Bomb Indica Quad 1998
Planisphere Deep Blue Dream Bonzai orig + Deepsky 1999
Pro DJ Sampler Various Pro DJ 1998
Quest Puppycat Casa Nostra 1998
Resistance D Feel Free Planet Vision Humate + Der Dritte Raum + Spacefrog 1999
Rhythm Masters Ibiza in my Soul White 1998
Roger Sanchez Another Chance Defected 2001
Roni Size 26 Bass / Snapshot Full Cycle 1999
Rozalla Unknown Irreversible 1998
Salsoul Nugget If You Wanna London 2001
Sasha Unknown White off Global Under. CD 1999
Satoshi Tomiie Up in Flames Sony orig + Morales 1999
Science Department Persuasion / Repercussion Bedrock Dominica + Funk Function 2000
Science Department Persuasion / Repercussion Bedrock Majestic + Funk Function 2000
Science Department Persuasion / Repercussion Bedrock original mixes 2000
Scott Hardkiss God Within Dorigen Innate + Koma & Bones 2000
Silvio Ecomo Standing Hooj orig + General Midi 2000
Sister Bliss Deliver Me Multiply (Promo) X-press 2 + Lee Coombs 2001
Sosa The Wave Additive Lange + DJ Taucher 1999
Sound of Life Mousetrap Pepperment Jam 2001
Soundsation Do You Feel It Stress orig + Chris & James 1998
Space Manoeuvres Stage One Hooj Pariah + Total Seperation 1999
Spice 69 Overdrive Pepperment Jam orig + Timo Maas 2000
Sunscreem 99 Exodus Five AM Push + Chiba 1999
System F Out of the Blue Tsunami Dutch import 1998
Tarrantella Substance Whoop 1999
The Blackmaster Club Confidential / Time Never Stops Bonzai 1999
The Escort Agency Strictly High Pow 1998
The Love Bite Side by Side Rise 2001
Think Tank Hack # 1 Glow Slacker + Propellerheads 2000
Three 'n' One Soul Freak / Drop & Roll Low Sense 1997
Tiny Trendies The Sky is not Crying Nuphonic 1999
Tom de Neef Disco Dancing FFRR 1998
Transa Supernova / Transtar Underground Glasgow 1999
Tripoli Trax Vol 1 Tripoli Trax Vol 1 Tripoli Trax Limted Edition 2LP sampler 1998
Ultraviolet Heaven Silver Planet orig + Way Out West 2000
Unknowledge pres. Love Juice Get On Up Rise 1998
Unknown Orlando Dawn Liquid promo Agnelli & Nelson + Dub Chemistry 1999
Unknown You're Not Alone 1999 White 1999
Untidy DJs Funky Groove Manifesto 1998
Various Stripes EP Stripes V. De Moor / Pulp Victim 1999
Westbam We'll Never Stop Living This Way Mute not dj friendly 1998
Yves Deruyter Feel Free Bonzai orig + Sean Dexter 1999
Zero Gravity A New Sensorium Marc Et Claudes orig + Hardy Heller 1999
bloody hell, theres loads there, but there all classics. unfourtunately i haven't got decks so i won't be buying any...