Colin Butts (Plastik) says...

Discussion in 'Clubbing open chat' started by McRackin, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Great read..
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    Had a chat to Colin one night in Plastik, the old one near the West End. nice guy. very Sad. Harry on the boat and follow up coincided with our introduction to the island so even though it might be considered a bit naff by some it always reminds me of a great time in our lives. RIP
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    Portugal would be the ideal place for a 'new Ibiza'. Very relaxed drug laws. Hell, when I went to BOOM Festival over there 15 years ago they had a tent where you could test the quality of your drugs and if they were crap there were stewards on hand to show you were to get better quality kit.
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    The clubbing scene in Ibiza just evolved from very sparse beginnings, if you try to "model" it or create it in one fell swoop somewhere else it will be a poor mans imitation. Just look at the ready built 'luxury' venues on the island now - Ocean club , Ushuaia , Destino etc - all very swish and capable of having a good time there , but completely soulless in my opinion.
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