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When does it get a bit quieter?

Going to the opening party in June but I fear it'll be too busy. Only been to Cocoon once in 2007 but it was so busy I ended up leaving before too long.

Obviously it'll be quiet right at the start... does it start to die down a bit later in the night or is it packed right until closing?

And do they do passouts? (I can't remember)

Thinking of going down early, leaving when it gets too busy and go to Underground, then go back again later.
Never been to the opening party mate, but i've been to a good few Cocoons.

From what people have told me and what i've read the opening party is nowhere near as busy as august and the closing. busy but not mega rammed - theres not enough people on the island compared to say start of august.

I've had passouts at Cocoon before but can't say about the opening.

Check out this review from '08