Cocoon - We Party Like 1989 @ AMNESIA (august 28th)

full line up will be announced very soon. expect a stage built in the terrace to accomodate.....

..... underworld!! :eek:
"We'll make Mondays to be the day of our tenth anniversary celebrations. That is, every Monday there will be something special! We have a great visual concept, we have worked on the decoration. And we will of course try to make the best out of the opportunities Amnesia offers. And: there will be one big special, which we don't want to reveal to the public as of yet ;)"

(thanks dancemaster)
josh wink and c-rock added to the lineup :!:

opening time: 18:00

pipiu pipiiiiiu!!

here we go, here we go, here we gooo.....


as far as i know, posted on spotlight before anywhere else. once again.....

Sven Väth and the sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea. A love story and a success story at the same time, that has taken a distinctive turn – if not THE distinctive turn – about 20 years ago, when the Summer of Love was once again announced, and the European club culture, foremost the leading figures from Britain, Spain, Italy and Germany, were overwhelmed by a new sound that was about to eclipse everything known until then. Electronic beats hit the euphoria of late Disco tunes, the energy of British Punk mixed up with the Sound of Munich, and irrevocably, night became day. For many people, this was the point when worldwide art and music movements from New York, Chicago, Munich, London, Berlin and Rimini met at the same place for the first time ever and melted together. With its mega clubs and their – at least considering the former circumstances – awesome sound systems and its technically very skilled DJs, Ibiza played a major role in this process. It was here where one of the headstones was laid that later has been taken to extremes in Frankfurt, Berlin or Manchester. House was born and Ibiza spread this vibe of frenzy, love & energy like no other place on this planet. Almost everybody who was on the island in this year, have been infected by this viruses called House and Acid. Acts like S-Express, Kraze ("The Party"), Lil' Louis ("French Kiss") and of course the Godfathers of Chicago House Tyree and Steve 'Silk' Hurley created the soundtrack that should be setting the tone for the next 20 years.

The effects that this music and its movements have can meanwhile be observed worldwide and are well-known. But how it all got there and which sounds initiated this fascination is only known to the few who have witnessed this revolution back then. And that's the reason why we will take an official step into the time tunnel on August, 28th 2009, and we invite all of you to be a part of this fascination! All artists present at that evening are working in the electronic music for 20 years or more and have witnessed or even influenced club culture during this period of time – foremost the headliners Underworld and Sven Väth, without both many fields of contemporary club culture would look different today.

Underworld will perform in Ibiza for the first time in ten years and will play all their hits. Also Sven Väth's set gives a retrospection on the last 20 years – and, by the way, it's the first time ever that the Cocoon Head will play such a set!

With Josh Wink, we also have a US ambassador of dance music who is a part of the scene since the very beginning and had his breakthrough at the beginning of the Nineties, being still up to the minute with his productions and his Ovum imprint. And Mr C is one of the most famous contemporary DJs of the British scene, being a former member of the UK rave formation "The Shamen", having achieved a proper pop star status already at that time.

C-Rock from Frankfurt is another House and Techno pioneer who was infected by the House music virus exactly in the year 1989 in Ibiza and has spread this disease in the Rhein Main area throughout the following years, staging legendary illegal raves together with Ricardo Villalobos.
Several more artists are inquired and will be announced within the following days. All artists will play the biggest hits from back then but also unpack their very special insider and vertu tracks – get prepared for some surprises!

We party like it's nineteen eighty nine!

pre-sale tickets will cost 40€.....

(thanks dancemaster)