cocoon rulezzzz!!!!!

Poison Ivy

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monday, august the 12th i was in amnesia and damn: cocoon rocked the house!!!! nomen est omen: actually i can't remember very much of the night ;)
the only thing i know is that i danced and danced and danced the night through!!!! green velvet was very cool! respect!
but sven väth: WOW!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
he was so cool dancing in the vip-area but never losing contact with the freaky party-crowd! and when he himself started spinning at the turntables, i simply fell into an ecstatic, euphoric state of physical and psychical trance :!:
WOW!!!! this crazy sounds and oh my god: the ice-machine!!!! it all was very mythical and a religious ritual....
i found myself lost in another world, in the dimension of ibiza, of amnesia, of cocoon, of the master sven väth!
afterwards we had crazy luck, for we found out where the private afterparty with all the cocoon people was going to take place...
this was definitely the most beautyful day of my life!
i spent a whole day at the beach with richie hawtin, tobi neumann, mandy, green velvet and of course my personal god: sven!
i'm so grateful for these wonderful hours....


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You were in the vip area in amnesia and at the secret cocoon afterhour??? Hmm...then we should know each other...!?!?

Poison Ivy

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he quicksand! nö, ich war nicht in der vip area..hab aber die ganze zeit auf dem podest mitten im amnesia getanzt....
aber ja! ich war auf der after!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
tja, vielleicht sind wir uns wirklich über den weg gelaufen...
ich war eine von den freaks, die einfach so dort aufgetaucht sind :D
war ein echt wunderschöner tag!!!


I agree with you here, there is just nothing like the experience that you get at cocoon! so where was this 'secret aftershow party'?


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i was also at cocoon on the same night as you Ivy ... and yes it rocked alright .... caught the last hour of Funk D'Void who was also
imense but Green velvet was the highlight of my night ....
Sven is God of course but G V has to be the best live PA ive seen.
"cameras ready" the stalker and la La land all live in the one night
all before Sven came on .... you cant beat that.....
i have to say it was a good bit quieter than last year ....
plenty of space under the ice machine ... and next door was empty....

so Ivy? ... where was this party ?.... there was one last year at
Cala Llongal beach.... must have been great mixing with Sven and Mr Hawtin ....... sounds like you had a better time than me all in..
when i thought it could not have got any better.....

and finally ...... i give Ibiza another 2 year.. at most...... so where to next?


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was just checking the cocoon weekly photos of cocoon at amnesia
and im on one of them .... well just, im the guy with the white top on with dark hair which you can see side on ..... the ninth photo when u count left to right ........

and Ivy.. help me out here ... whos in this photo as the guy with his arms up is in a few photos on the night were at, it isnt Mr Hawtin is it???? ... ... for those who dont know the page

Poison Ivy

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well doddy! it is mr hawtin himself indeed 8) are you the guy next to him?
i'm the girl on the 10th photo, the one with the hat and the black'n white t-shirt...

yeah the afterparty was magical! sven and richie were very amusing... :D :D :D :D

my friends and me had enormous luck to find out about the location of the party....but it would not help anybody if i let you know the exact place, because it is never the same...
if you really really want to get there, you have to ask around a little bit and maybe you' re lucky just as i was...


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im the guy whos just in front of him, side on with the white top...

im chuffed now even though i didnt get the after party .....
im happy enough in a photo with Hawtin dancing....
i cannot believe i ddint see him on the night......
probably because i didnt expect to thats why..........

can richie speak german or was sven talking english???
as i know you know both


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@all who wants to know where the afterhour is: the official cocoon afterhour is at space together with the manumission carryon. the other afterhour is NOT official, its a privat party. So you have to be invited or you need to know someone who is invited and knows where it is...


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yes we know its all hush hush quicksand....
but ivy was there and had a ball .....

end of story......... ok dok


After hour

Dear quicksand,

undoubtly you have been arround in the cocoon world for some time so that u know that here is an official and unofficial after hour. as I gues we do not need to point out at this ocassion which one is the better one....

However I have to rephrase some of the things u said since they are not correct: is not true that the after hour is private and u have to be invited...they are at public places (unless they are in s.v. finca) and EVERYBODY who knows when and where is cordially invited to u say how is anybody supossed to know when and where...well everybody who was not toatlly blind and put in a little bit of effort was able to find out that over last years C.L. and before S.V. finca were the places...and the date is kind of self explanatory

Secondly...the thing happens usually during the whole summer at the same place...the last years it was at C.L. and before u know where I guess. This year there were problems with the licence but those were sorted out...

anyway this is just a note to once and for all clarify this after hour thing and to take this image of "we the elite cocoon crowd want to be among ourselves solely" away!



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with 'So you have to be invited or you need to know someone who is invited and knows where it is...' i mean that there is no official flyer for this party and you need to know someone who knows the place but you do not need someone to enter the party. unofficial afterhours usually happen on public beaches when sven väth plays at cocoon (but in the last seasons he wasnt playing every monday..). cala longa was the place for 2001 and not 2002, the place changes every year.
real party people from all over the world are always welcome. but the major problem is, if everybody would know the place, the beach would be so crowded that it would be the last party. problems with the licence aren't sorted out, maybe you should ask the islands government what they think about huge open air events..


cacoon whats the style of music

what the style of music @ cacoon what sort of dj's are you likly to see spining?


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in the main room its techno with sven vath, richie hawtin, paco osuna etc...
in the second room its more housey and more 'relaxing'


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Robo said:
in the main room its techno with sven vath, richie hawtin, paco osuna etc...
in the second room its more housey and more 'relaxing'

is there anything you dont know about clubbin etc :confused: ;) :lol: