Cocoon Reviews??



Can anyone give me a snapshot of what this show is like? I'm really curious to check it out...
I had the pleasure of seeing Sven Vath/Richie Hawtin here in LA a few months back, they were AMAZING.

My friends and I are having a debate between Manumission and Cocoon. Can you give me a little flavor for the difference? Not just musically, but from a performance/vibe standpoint as well. Thanks!!
manumission is more of a show, the crowd is less music 'knowledgable', the crowd is probably younger. the djs aren't on the same standard as the cocoon djs.

cocoon is pure quality techno through and through, good crowd, good djs, good atmosphere.
and the house room on the terrace makes a soothing change to the banging techno in the main room.
Well, I'M not really debating it, it's my friends. We're trying to stay together as a group but in this case we will most likely be splitting up. Vath kicks ass.
I'm a bit hacked off that Sven Vath isn't doing as many nights this year as past seasons though. Plus Dj Hell is once again on when I'm not there.

When will I get to see him?
I have heard this year at coconn is a amazing deco!
With mirrors..!!???