cocoon no more!



a little bird told me, that cocoon wont be anymore
next year in the island.
maybe it has something with the trouble of sven in
More like Coccon are fed up with amnesia.

If true, its a shame. Over the four years there parties have become legendary, and the afterparties have been a best kept secret.
u have to scroll down a bit.

Cocoon suits amnesia SO well tho! Like Cream. Cant imagine it in any other club.
im not sure, nish
in 2002 cocoon was a great party, but in 2003 it
didnt get the club full.
the terrace was always empty.
maybe manumission won the war, a shame
maybe it could go to,

underground? or La diosa?

then again, these places probably aren't big enough for cocoon.
nish said:
they aint got as good a sound system as amnesia's tho have they?


but they could have some wickid parties. also it has the benefit of the hoardes of people not knowing where la diosa and even underground is.

a real 'underground' feel may appear back in the cocoon parties.
it would suit space very well.

but after the apparent fall out between space and sven, i don't think that would happen.
me neither, nish, but i think that the gosip says
that cocoon will leave the island, not only amnesia :!: