Cocoon last monday.



Was anyone at cocoon last monday?

i spent both 28thjuly and 4th aug at cocoon, and although i thought sven vath was great the first week, imo he was awful the second.. as sson as laurent garnier left the atmosphere died.

was anyone there that could confirm this?

Don't tell me that Svenny was shit.... that cannot be! :(
I am going to Ibiza for the closing Cocoon party 15 Sept... :D

I think we can forgive Svenny sometimes...

Honey-d tell me more about your deception to Svenny the second party...
Laurent Garnier

%Rick said:
Seems like he's playing at Space the 7th Sept. :eek: woohoo :D

Hey %Rick, where r u from in Belgium?

Did u got the Boccaccio vibe??
%Rick said:
U mean the early Boccaccio in Gent or the new one in Halen ??

I mean the old one in Gent 8)

Now this location is called Temple X...have u been zere??