cocoon ibiza 2009


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wow, die sind ja echt früh dran dieses jahr:
(geiler text übrigens!))


''Cocoon Ibiza 2008 – Invasion completed!

The Ninth Season has now ended with a sensational bang and has been the most successful one since our beginnings at the Amnesia in the year 2000! Your enthusiasm and support have been simply phenomenal – this wonderful audience from all over the world, freak or not freak, is globally unique!

At the outset of our planning, there was still a big question mark behind what we would have to expect from the terrace this summer. However, what we found in the new layout of the dancefloor and the custom-built sound system, has exceeded all expectations. Now, without exaggeration, we can speak of two parallel Main Floors, where both DJs and guests can enjoy the party.

At this point, Sven Väth and his team want to thank everybody who has contributed to this success: DJs, VJs, performers, décor artists... – and in the first place you: our audience! Whether from Germany, Spain, Italy, England... – electronic music lovers came from all over Europe to party together and to feel the energy that is released when everybody has this special frenzy feeling...

For sure, one of the numerous highlights of this season has been the Closing Party, where an excellently tempered Sven Väth and a no less exalted Richie Hawtin turned the Techno Floor into a boiling pot, while Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Zip ignited a passionate and perfect fireworks of sound on the House Floor, that can rarely be found.

In 2009, Sven and Cocoon are visiting the Isla Blanca for the tenth time now, and we would not be Cocoon if this wasn't an incentive for us to exceed the incredible season of 2008 and to offer our guests even more.

And the dates for the Tenth Season are already determined: the Grand Opening Party will be held on June 15th and the Closing Party on September 28th of 2009. These are 16 Mondays full of music, dance and energy – Cocoon Ibiza 2009!

Come and visit us at the CocoonClub Frankfurt or at one of our Cocoon Events that are staged worldwide.''

(thanks neilly303)
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]nur noch mal auf deutsch 8)

Im Jahr 2009 ist Sven mit Cocoon nun zum 10. Mal auf der Isla Blanca zu Gast und wir wären nicht Cocoon, wenn das nicht Ansporn genug für uns wäre, die unglaubliche Saison von 2008 noch zu übertreffen und unseren Gästen noch mehr zu bieten als in diesem Jahr.
Und die Termine für die 10. Saison stehen bereits: die Grand Opening Party wird am 15. Juni 2009 stattfinden und die Closing Party am 28. September. Das sind 16 Montage voller Musik, Tanz und Energie – Cocoon Ibiza 2009![/FONT]